Old Mountain Farm Big Moon AR, 3*M


  • ADGA & AGS registered
  • DOB 3/22/2011
  • Chamoisee with moonspots
    • Sire: Old Mountain Farm Saranghae (SS: Old Mountain Farm Nux Moschata x SD: East Rivendell Hanja AR, *M, *D)
    • Dam: Old Mountain Farm Anahita 2*M, VEVE88 (DS: Old Mountain Farm Just Zip It *S x DD: Roundabout Persian Princess *M)

Moon is 1/2 sister to the 2017 ADGA NATIONAL CHAMPION & NATIONAL BEST UDDER … wow!!! ⭐️

Life milk records: 1350 pounds, 401 days! 

Show wins: –

Progeny in herd: Terra Bella MB Epic 



2F udder, 6 months fresh, 12 hour fill. Moon was thought to be dry when I picked her up to bring her home … so I can’t wait to see her udder with a true freshening this year!


2F udder, 6 months fresh, 12 hour fill.


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