Bannerfield Farm Peek A Boo AR, 2*M, 2*D


  • ADGA & AGS registered
  • DOB 4/11/2012
  • Gold and white
    • Sire: Caesar’s Villa Flirt’nWithFire (SS: MCH Caesar’s Villa Brat in Barn *S x SD: Caesar’s Villa STS Flirtatious)
    • Dam: SG Plum Rotten J Jumpin Gizelle AR, *M, *D, VEEE90, ADGA Elite Doe (DS: Spring Fever LB Jebadiah x DD: Tranquility Acres RR Taffy)
Peek freshened with a lovely, glued on udder and gave us a very correct doe kid. We look forward to watching both of them mature!

Peek – spring 2014. We need to get some new photos of this lovely girl, as she is maturing beautifully!


Peek – winter 2013.

2F udder 4 days fresh no fill website

Peek’s 2F udder, 4 days fresh, no fill (nursing a singleton).

2F udder 2 months fresh website

Peek’s 2F udder, 3 months fresh, 10 hour fill.

Show History: 1st place x 1, 2nd place x 1

Peek’s DHIR Records

Kidding History:

  • 2014: single doe kid [“Elsa“]
  • 2015: single doe kid [“Luna“]
  • 2016: bred to Little Tots Estate Zeus *B, *S

Progeny Retained:

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