Almost Paradise Raggedy P.Ann *M


  • ADGA & AGS registered
  • DOB 2/28/2011
  • Buckskin with extensive white overlay
  • Blue eyes and polled!
    • Sire: Almost Paradise Mordecai (SS: The Pet Stork Golden Sunray x SD: Doublegate PAL Poison Ivy)
    • Dam: Paradise Valley Ragdol Revived (DS: Better Blues Jetts Domino x DD: Doublegate Lady’s Phoebe)
DSC_0748 (2)

Ann is a hardy doe.

DSC_0759 (2)

Love this pretty face!

3F udder

Ann’s 3F udder, 2 months fresh, 8 hour fill (nursing triplets).

Ann’s DHIR Records

Kidding History:

Progeny Retained:

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