Proctor Hill Farm Palaestrae *B, *S


  • ADGA & AGS registered
  • DOB 3/25/2012
  • Buckskin with heavy white overlay
  • Wattles!
    • Sire: Proctor Hill Farm Nels Prodigy *B*S (SS: SG NC PromisedLand RB Bolero *B, *S, ADGA Elite BuckSD: MI Sugar Creek MT Nellie AR, 2*M, 2*D, Platinum milker – milking over 1,600 lbs in 305 days!)
    • Dam: SG On Firestone Creek P Palisade AR, 2*M, 5*D, VVEE89 (DS: Old Mountain Farm PALamino *B, *SDD: October Hill Country Charm AR, *M, 4*D)
Pal2 March 2014

Pal after he first arrived at our farm, winter 2014 (before he grew his glorious beard)!

Pal 2016

Our handsome Pal, winter 2016.

DSC_0506 (2)

Pal is sweet as sugar! He is simply a joy to have on our farm.

DSC_0520 (2)

One of our favorite things about Pal is his outstanding rear width and width throughout. So far, he has thrown this width to all of his kids here!

Pal as a bottle baby. Photo courtesy of Addie Pepoli.

Pal as a bottle baby.

Pal May 2015

Yep … we love this handsome boy!

PicMonkey Collage

Pal’s outstanding dam, the beautiful SG On Firestone Creek P Palisade AR, 2*M, 5*D, VVEE89.

Pal speaks for himself! We are very excited for his first kids here. A huge thank you to Addie for letting this very promising young buck come south. All Palisade photos and Pal kid photo courtesy of Addie Pepoli.

Progeny Retained:

  • Daughters = Sara, Hedwig
  • Sons = CaptainAmerica, Ironman

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