Welcome to Terra Bella Ranch! We are Virginia Tech alumni that own and run a small farm located in the beautiful mountains of southwest Virginia. We raise AQHA and APHA performance horses, working Australian Shepherds, and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.

After having grade Nubians and Nigerians for a couple years, we started our registered Nigerian Dwarf herd in early 2011. We have a strong foundation herd and we hope that our future kids will improve and contribute to this wonderful mini dairy breed. We milk year-round, show, and use our friendly Nigerians as therapy animals with patients of all walks of life. Therefore, we strive to breed true dairy animals with outstanding temperaments that will be competitive in the show ring and put milk in the pail.

NEW for Fall 2014 – We have started DHIR testing with both ADGA and AGS. Milk records will be posted as we excitedly move forward in participating in these performance programs!

We are members and supporters of both ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) and AGS (American Goat Society). Our entire herd is now dual-registered, so all kids leaving our farm will come with both ADGA and AGS registration certificates or applications.

Again, welcome, and y’all come back soon!

DSC_8210 (2)

PicMonkey Collage


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