Artesian Valley CVS Carbine *B


  • ADGA registered & AGS registration pending
  • DOB 3/13/2017
  • Black with lots of moonspots
    • Sire: ARMCH Caesar’s Villa CBS Stetson ++B, ++*S (SS: Stonewall Midnight Cowboy +SSD: Goodwood Mindy *D)
    • Dam: Little Tots Estate Cimicifuga 2*M, EVEV88 (DS: ARMCH/SGCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue ++B, +SDD: SGCH Little Tots Estate Bambusa 1*M, VEVE90)

We jumped at the chance to own Carbine. His pedigree is INCREDIBLE and he is an own son of the one and only Stetson. When we first started out in Nigerians, we were blessed to own a Stetson son. Ever since he passed, we had always longingly hoped for another. Carbine is quite special, and he is covered with moonspots to boot! “Stetson is one of those few bucks in the Nigerian breed that has produced an overwhelming amount of Master Champions, Reserve Champions, and Star Milkers, including the 2007 GCH Junior doe. He is STILL amazing!!!” from Barbara Halligan at CornerStone Farm.