Adult Bucks

Sales list last updated 3/12/2023.

Many transport options available, either through us or through professional transporters that we have long-standing relationships with. Farm pick-ups always welcomed and encouraged. Contact us if interested!



Limited straws available from ELITE Old Mountain Farm Maximo Quinn *B and CH Terra Bella ST The Flash *B.


Adult Bucks AVAILABLE 


McNutty Quinn *B pending … another buck we really do not want to (or have to) sell, but again, he really deserves to be used extensively in a herd. If he stays here, we will start using him a lot more! Almost solid black (our favorite) with a moonspot. He has a pedigree to die for. $750 

ADGA Registered Name: Terra Bella MQ McNutty Quinn *B 

DOB: 2020 

Sire: ELITE Old Mountain Farm Maximo Quinn *B

Dam: Terra Bella MB Blanca Al Ghul 5*M pending

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